Thursday, December 3, 2009

Uncharted Waters 2: New Horizons Part III

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Catalina Erantzo Journal entries for the ship ‘Rebellion’.

June 8, 1522 – Lisbon. Lisbon sucks for Silk Cloth and Cheese prices. Tell me why I decided to try trading again? I think piracy is starting to look better and better..

Apparently the King of Spain is upset I took a ship. He said something about my ‘head on a pike’, which I find really strange. How can I explain my actions if my head is on a pike? I think ruling families should stop inbreeding, obviously its effecting their smarts.

June 9, 1522 – Lisbon. I ran into a trader at the tea house who was in his cups. I think he was dinking more than tea. He was easy to get information out of. After talking with Emilio last night, he said we need funds to repair, refit and eventually build our own, more powerful ships. So we’ll try this trading this out some more, I suppose it will be good to help train up sailing skills among our navigators as well.

Just before sailing I heard a rumour the Spanish Fleet was headed this way. So I moored  my recent ‘acquisitions’ and also made sure I kept on my flagship the navigators I wasn’t too sure about their loyalty. I’m going to continue the planned trade route and see what happens.

June 13, 1522 – Bordeaux. Traded Rock Salt, bought Raisins. Also sold that Silk Cloth I bought. Didn’t make much profit on it, but it made more room in my hold for other stuff.

June 14, 1522 – Open ocean. Discovered Nantes.

June 17, 1522 – London. I hope no one recognizes me. I think a few of those British Naos look a little too familiar. Sold Raisins, bought Wool.

June 19, 1522 – Amsterdam. Sold Wool, bought Iron Ore and Glass Beads.

I’m beginning to think this whole ‘Spanish Fleet’ rumour was just some trick played on me. I hate humanity.

June 22, 1522 – Open ocean. Had a close call with the Spanish Fleet. Thankfully fog was our friend and we were able to slip away. Faith in humanity restored.

June 27, 1522 – Lisbon.  Sold Iron Ore for a nice profit, bought Rock Salt. Pulled the Caravel Redonda out of mooring, I’m giving Alonzo a shot at commanding a ship. He’ll probably run it aground in the middle of the ocean.

June 29, 1522 – Madeira. Alonzo didn’t run aground! Shocking I know. Madeira is a nice island, ugly women though. The men are complaining. Sold Glass Beads for a huge profit. Obviously the natives are not too bright. Maybe they are part of the Spanish Royal family? Bought Sugar.

July 3, 1522 – Open ocean. Oh Shit!  The Spanish Fleet found me! Not a good sign. Alonzo takes off, the coward! See if I ever give him a reference! After a  few broadsides we were able to get away. Trap! Another fleet is coming up fast! Its Commander Ezequiel’s fleet! His flagship, the Santa Cruz, is signaling that if I surrender that I’ll get a ‘special pardon’, but what about Emilio and the crew? I think I shall bravely run away!

Surrounded! Blast it! This is it. My brother and fiancĂ© will go unavenged. Emilio and the crew are behind me, we’ll go down fighting. All hands prepare to be boarded! What’s that? Their ships are breaking apart. My God! Fire!

Fire has spread to a few ships. They’re breaking off! They’re fleeing! What a relief! Boson! Take that man’s name! What’s he on about wreckage? What am I some environmentalist who wants to keep the ocean clean for the fishes? Hrmmmm. A Spanish officer? Well bring him aboard then. We can always kill him later. Well well well,  Apparently this is the  arson. Andreas Paella is his name.

He looks oddly familiar… Hey! He’s the vagabond sailor we met at the tea house in Seville. The one who encouraged us to go on with this venture! Strange to see him in the uniform of a Spanish officer.  Apparently he knew my fiancĂ©  at school and wants to help. I’m still not sure, but since Alonzo the coward ran off, I’m short a navigator. I’m sleeping with a dagger under my pillow tonight though.

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