Friday, October 15, 2010


No not me, but made ya look right? Nyuk nyuk.

A girl was fired yesterday, and looking back its not surprising as she was really quiet in class, didn’t ask questions and apparently the trainer’s assistant was spending all her time with her. She was given lots of opportunity and lots of help, but just wasn’t able to grasp what she needed to learn. The sad thing is it was also her birthday yesterday too. Kinda sad. She was a nice girl, but some things are not meant to be I guess.

They told us at the end of yesterday why we had not seen her, and also said that the rest of us are doing pretty good, that there were no negative comments about us. So while sad to hear about the one girl, its nice to know we are doing well, even if we all feel overwhelmed by all the things we need to know.

And today (friday) we had a nice pot luck lunch. One I am still stuffed from. I made a casserole dish that my family has been making for as long as I can remember, and everyone seemed to like it. A few people cheaped out and didn’t make anything at all and instead bought something, one girl brought a bag of edamame beans, one guy didn’t have time to make the pie he had promised, so he ran across the street and bought a large bag of jelly beans. However there was enough really good food that we had a really good feast.

All in all the group I am training with is pretty fun and we seem to be helping each other fairly well. Three weeks down and three more to go before we are on the phones full time. Kinda scary right now, but we have been on the phones for the last 3 thursdays in a row. We are taking more and more of the calls and taking them longer, before the rep we are seated with takes over. So we are getting used to the idea of actually being on the phone. I’m also starting to see where I could have handled a call differently, and maybe saved a customer, or saved them some money. So its a bit interesting to actually see that, rather than everything just way over my head.


  1. Your title definitely made me look. It sounds like you have a pretty good group of people to work with.

    I remember my first big work potluck when I was about 18. All the low paid admin staff like myself brought great dishes we spent time on to make. Our big boss that made a ton of money brought one bag of buns. Ooo...he really splurged!

  2. Yup they are. So far everybody I've seen has been pretty good.

    Apparently there may be one more too. Cause they are keeping the plates and plastic utensils at the training room. So there may be one more yet. Which is pretty good, some of the food was just really really good.