Saturday, October 30, 2010

I have no words….

NSFW. No nudity, but… well watch it and see. German(?) version of America/Britain's got Talent I think???

The female judge’s face is pretty funny during the whole thing too, specially at the end.


  1. Oh my god...i found myself watching it with the same expression the female had. I think as an owner of breasts, I can't fathom the magnitude of the hits those pumpkins were dishing out.

    Watching the various expressions from the crowd was hilarious, everything from horror to the young men thinking this was the greatest trick evor! No one even buzzed her because they were all so riveted by the freak show they were seeing.

  2. I like how even though I couldn't watch it earlier when I read the post on my phone all I could get from the video description was "monster titten". It sure lived up to expectations.