Friday, September 2, 2011

Cyclists. Grrrr!

I get that cyclists want to be able to ride their bikes in peace, I get that they want equal access on the road, I get that it really is a healthier way for people to get around and more people should ride their bikes to work, etc…

However, what I don’t get is that if they want to have equal access to the road why they continually ignore the rules of the road (ie laws). Time and again they just breeze through stop signs, red lights, ride into the oncoming traffic lanes to pass stopped cars, etc.

Recently Wpg Police started ticketing cyclists for riding bikes on the sidewalk which had cyclists all up in arms. They complain about always being attacked for riding and they have no safe place to ride (sidewalk or road). However cyclists have injured people on sidewalks because they are just riding like idiots and then get angry that people get upset about it.

And yes, I get it that some cyclists make it bad for everyone and that there are many who say ‘I don’t do it, don’t punish me’, except that on a daily basis I see cyclists either riding on sidewalks or violating road laws. Far too many for it to be ‘only a few’. The police should go on a ticket spree and ticket every cyclist riding on sidewalks or blowing past stop signs or red lights.

However I do agree with cyclists that there should be bike paths, and there is an easy way to do it too. Every time there is a repair to the main roads they widen it by 36”. Take it from the sidewalks which are a good 10’-12’ anyway. In a few years there will be safe lanes for cyclists to ride without endangering pedestrians and without pissing off motorists. Just make sure they still follow the rules of the road and not break em any chance its convenient.


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