Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pain sucks.

Stayed home from work today cause the back is just killing me. I have to go in tomorrow though, no matter what, so its not going to be fun.

The good thing is I have 5 days off in a row after tomorrow, so that will be good. Enough time to get back on track. Hopefully.


  1. Just always remember the immortal words of Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse "Pain don't hurt". Have you tried any sort of Chiropractor or anything to help with the back pain?

  2. I can't go to a Chiro because my spine is fused, and if they tried adjusting anything they'd just break me in half. lol

    I'm on a few pills to help with pain, but if there are a few days where I can't get a good night sleep then the pills don't help that much.

    Just part of my life. lol