Saturday, October 3, 2009

Americans at their finest

Chicago was considered for the next Olympic games, in fact Obama went to the Olympic Committee to try and help Chicago get it. I don’t think he went because Chicago is his hometown, but rather that it would mean approximately $22.5 Billion dollars and over 300,000 full time jobs for the US. Isn’t that what is important?

Well Chicago lost to Rio and Republicans loved it.


This is from a meeting of Americans for Prosperity. They cheered when the US lost its bid to host the Olympics. They cheered when the US lost $22.5 BILLION in revenue. They cheered when the US lost 300,000 full time jobs. Someone needs to tell them which side they are on. This goes beyond political parties, this is a country thing, just as everybody got behind President Bush after 9/11 because it effected us all, so too the Republicans should get behind President Obama on this. But, sadly, we have seen time and time again that there are Republicans who want nothing to do with Obama, and will never get behind anything he does.

If a Democrat, or a Democratic group, had done the same thing Republicans would have called them ‘traitors, ‘un-American’, etc… We saw this when anyone disagreed with President Bush during his eight years in office. It didn’t matter what it was you were just supposed to obey. If you disagreed with the Iraq war you were said to be ‘endangering soldiers lives’, or ‘siding with the terrorists’, etc… Sadly looking over the past few days of media headlines I don’t see a major mention of this glee these people had because the US lost its bid. Why is there the double standard in the media?

There are a lot of issues I have with President Obama, I don’t like a lot of what he is doing, but on this issue all Americans should have been behind him. Shame on these people, and all others who were happy the US lost. Shame on them.


  1. I probably would have cheered to, same as I would have cheered if the 2010 Winter Games went somewhere other than Vancouver.

    I see the Olympics as a complete sham. Oh sure, the bid committees paint pretty pictures about profit margins and the like...until they inevitably go MASSIVELY over the insanely small 'estimated budgets'.

    The IOC is a collection of corrupt jokes who INSIST on 5 star everything and being referred to by some regal title. They awarded the last Olympics to China because they knew that was one country that would spend insane amounts of cash, and maybe it would 'guilt' Western countries in to producing competing budgets of that ludicrous magnitude.

    Rio got the games (in my opinion) because they will also spend like drunken sailors, and because it encourages other '2nd tier' countries to spend hundreds of millions of dollars (which goes to the IOC) on bids because they might get an Olympics, too.

    The whole thing has become nothing but a greedy joke wrapped in nationalistic pride.

  2. I don't disagree with anything you've said, but these people cheered because of politics, not because of corruption in IOC. Thats what I find wrong.

  3. Oh, I quite agree...cheering against something just because losing it is seen as a 'win' for your side politically is pretty much a clear indication that you are an Alpha Douchebag. :)