Friday, October 16, 2009

Rachel Maddow

Well I’m gonna post two videos, and wow, what videos. This is from the Rachel Maddow show, which is on MSNBC.  She is a left leaning commentator, but has gone after President Obama on stuff he has done too. Probably out of all the TV commentators on all channels she is the best, and she is new to it as well. She’s smart and researches the hell out of her topics, so when guests come on she is well up on their issues. She’s had both right wing and left wing guests on. She doesn’t ask fluff questions and doesn’t let her guests get away with anything. As you’ll see.

One thing to note is when Maddow questions some of the people Phillips work with, he rushes to defend their ‘patriotism’ when Maddow said nothing about that at all. This is a tactic that is used in arguments to deflect you away from the real issue and to get you to go on the defencive. I’m glad Maddow didn’t let that stand.

While I give credit to Maddow for being honest, and I don’t disagree with her, I am on the fence on if it was the right thing to do. This was a hard hitting interview that let both sides speak, both sides sat there and debated without yelling. Why is this so hard to do on other shows?

Now I agree with Maddow, Americans for Prosperity is hiding its sponsors which brings up all kinds of questions, and AFP president Tim Phillips gives lame excuses. It is not unknown for health insurance companies to pay groups such as this one to push their agenda. It has nothing to do with the regular Americans, they just dupe people to follow their lead by using phrases like ‘Obamacare wants to kill your grandma’ and idiotic stuff like this. In other words some of these anti-healthcare reform groups outright lie because they are paid to do so. None of these millionaires are ever going to be in the same position many of their followers are in. Facing foreclosure due to medical bills, getting kicked out of their insurance due to large medical problems,  losing insurance because they lost their job, etc… They are pushing this because they are paid to, and has nothing to do with patriotism, great Americans, freedom, democracy or anything else they are saying its related to.

I’m sorry that the blog has become more political lately, I’ll try and tone that down. Maybe its time for a Mother-In-Law update?

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