Friday, October 23, 2009

Mother in law IV

So she’s annoying…again.

She’s already been pissed off the last week. Just not talking, making comments to my wife when I’m not around, and generally just being a pain in the butt. The one thing that pissed me off the most was that the wife & I have been wanting to do a fondue for a few weeks now, and we decided to do it this weekend. I told my wife we should call one of her nephews up and see if he wants to have it with us. Its a great social dinner and since we hadn’t seen him in a long time this would be a good idea. Well telling my MIL this she said that she should make something else in case he doesn’t like it. I explained what a fondue was, since I don’t think she really knows, she made a face, turned around and walked away.

If she goes to make something else I’m gonna lose it. Its bad enough she’s been pissing me off with her attitude this past week, I don’t need her to start in on a plan, and the reason we invited the nephew up in the first place. Right now I can just see her complaining the entire time we’re eating. I’m gonna lose it I swear.

In the spring we are gone, in the spring we are gone, in the spring we are gone.

This is my mantra.

I can’t wait.

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  1. You know, molten chocolate or cheese or hot oil (you didn't specify type of fondue) make good offensive weapons. Just sayin'...