Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blame Two Worlds

Blame Two Worlds for the late post. Got too into it and that messed up my schedule. At least I’m not working early tomorrow.

Finished up the sales training which was good. So now I can go back to the phones and stop almost falling asleep in class. Trainer almost threw a pen at me yesterday. I can’t help it though! Any meeting we have, I struggle to stay awake, days long training only makes it worse. I need to keep my mind busy or it wants to sleep I guess.

After work I went to my doctor’s and got the final bit of paperwork for getting my own desk, just as my manager goes on vacation. lol I talked with her today about it and she said that I should just email the ergonomics guy and get him to set everything up. So hopefully that gets done quickly, it will make my days far less painful. Sitting in a regular chair for hours on end just ends up hurting, so I need a desk that I can stand or sit with. Luckily I have a job where they actually do work with you to accommodate you.

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  1. Wait...your company 'works to accomodate you'? What's that like? It's like you're living in a dream world!