Monday, August 3, 2009

California's economy

California's economy sucks. There is no way to sugar coat it, no way to say its ok and its going to get better. It sucks, and its getting worse. I'd like to say its going to get better, but its not. Not for a long time.

My wife took a test yesterday for an Appraiser job for LA County, they have 20 openings available and 10,000 people applied. The job required you to have a college degree too. The first culling process was you had to bring your diploma (not a copy) to a local office, then you would be told when and where you could take the test. Since 10,000 people were going to be taking the test, how many more applied without a degree? This is the problem in California right now, its why I can't find a job, its why in a year and a half I've had exactly one job interview.

California is screwed in a big way, specially since we need a 2/3'rds majority to pass any budget and that means a few people (republicans currently) can screw it up for everybody. Which is exactly what they have done. All kinds of services have been, or will be cut, from healthcare for children to state parks. All because they don't want to raise taxes one iota. They would rather millions of people suffer rather than increase state revenue by a small increase in taxes. It boggles the mind. Oh yeah, and Arnie says he's going to release 27,000 inmates. Uhmmm... Yay?

I'm not going to say that before the recall election to put Arnie in California didn't have problems, cause it did, but doing an immediate recall of a governor (Gray Davis) who was elected with no foul play, is just idiotic. The people of California spoke and they elected Davis, the republicans didn't like this so they started a recall and got Arnie in instead. Now look at where we are. Most of my neighbours are republican and they are sorry they were for the recall. Are the democrats saints and the savior of us all? No. But they are not responsible for the state California is in right now.

So thats one reason we are moving. And why we need help in getting the money for a move together. If I could get work all that money would be put aside for the move, but since I can't find work... Every dollar counts, so if you can, please help us move.

Thank you,