Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Orly Taitz

I'm not sure why I'm posting about this, but I am. I suppose because this irritates me. I don't know if you've heard of this woman (Orly Taitz), she's a lawyer/dentist/real estate agent and pretty much nuts. She is probably THE main person saying President Obama was not born in the US. Is there any proof of this? None that is credible. There is the fake birth certificate they are pushing, and continue to push, even though its been roundly debunked. Hell even Karl Rove thinks its a fake and he is not one to support Obama. Even Ann Coulter thinks Birthers are nuts.

Just for your education, this is the woman (video, linked cause I can't embed a video yet) that the majority of republicans (in the south) are following. You really have to see that to believe it. Now I qualified who believes he is not American because thats where the vast majority of these 'birthers' are. DailyKos did a poll about this, which can be seen here.

She was also behind US Army Maj Cook who filed a lawsuit with Orly Taitz against the DoD (Department of Defence), claiming he cannot be ordered to go to Afghanistan by Obama because he's not the president. Well it turns out he volunteered to go in the first place, then instead of changing his mind he filed a lawsuit. According to the DoD volunteers can decide not to go up until the day they leave, so no lawsuit needed to be filed. When the DoD canceled his orders to go, Taitz and the Birthers claimed it was a victory. Is the story over for Maj Cook? Not quite. You see Maj Cook works for a defence contractor (Simtech Inc) and the owner of the company was told that Maj Cook was not welcome on any DoD sites, and the owner not needing an employee that cannot work on job sites had to let him go. (It should be noted that Simtech was never threatened with losing contracts if they kept Cook on as an employee, just that he was not welcome on any DoD sites.) Cook is claiming this is retaliation. Good! The idiot deserves it! As a serving member of the Army he is not supposed to get involved in politics, yet he did. I hope they drum him out of the Army too. This kind of idiocy needs to stop. Apparently Taitz has been going around the country to round up vets to get behind her Birther crap. I fully believe that Taitz and Cook worked together to create a fake controversy, just to get publicity. Its Cook's fault for getting involved, but he's the one who got hurt the most, do you think Taitz will give him a job? I highly doubt it.

Is Taitz getting off scot free? Maybe not. The California State Bar is seeking her disbarment. A link of the official papers is in the link as well. So hopefully all her insane crap will come to an end soon. Taitz has a 'law' degree from an online university and California is the only state to allow people from a non-accredited American Bar Association (ABA) law school to take the Bar Exam. All this woman is after is publicity, and she's frikken crazy to boot. I fully expect her to be writing a book soon.

Ok. I got that off my chest a bit. Yeah I didn't rant or anything, I'm not that good at it, I'll let others (you know who you are) rant, they are much better at it than me. I'm going to try and keep politics out of my blogging as much as possible, but if something bothers me I'll probably post about it.

That is all.

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  1. Aaaah...started making sense right off the bat with '...from Tel Aviv." If one were to research in to this woman's past, I suspect you'd find a hardcore supporter for Israel's right to basically do whatever the Hell it wants (on the US taxpayers' dime, more often than not). Dubya backed that to the hilt...Obama doesn't.