Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bad news

Except that its now good news…

Last Saturday (Sept 11th) I received an email from MTS saying ‘thank you for your participation, but we regret to inform you…’. So not very good news and it was a bit of a letdown. MTS pays really well, plus the benefits are really good and so, as I said, a bit of a letdown.

Spent the rest of the week talking with a CEO of a very large company getting his help redoing my resume and he said he would pass it on to people in his company, a company that is part of the ‘Group’, and a good friend of his is the CEO of another large company and would send my resume to him as well. So all in all a very good guy to have helping me. There were no promises made, he will not pressure anyone to hire me, but he said he can ask them to look over my resume, and as I told him the help he gave me on my resume is great as it is.

I had made plans to go to ‘Employment Insurance’ in the morning and see what kind of help they could be in getting a job. Since I have been out of the country for 9 years I wasn’t expecting any money, but if training was available I would be up for that. Either way just getting some better ideas of the job market and what is available and what resources I could use would be a great help. However I needed my resume printed and I don’t have access to a printer on this computer, so I had to wait for my mother to come back from Gimli.

Then this morning I got a call at 8:40am (waking me up, who gets up earlier than that? That’s just crazy.) from MTS asking me if I was still interested in the job and that if I was could I please take another assessment that they will send out to me. So I did that other assessment and got a call around 3pm saying that I got the job. They still have to do reference checks and a criminal background check (No Cliff, I did not use you as a reference, and not a word about Prague!), but I should be clear on both of those. The head of HR in my last company really liked me and she said she would have no problem being a reference for me (recently reconfirmed).

If you’re wondering why the ‘regret to inform you’ email and now getting the job, a few people had to bow out so I was an alternate I suppose you can call me. Out of the 3,000 people that applied I was in the top 25 (22 positions were available). So not too shabby.

So today was a good day.


  1. That is freakin awesome! (I think i sound very canadian there). What good new, congrats on the new gig, that is a great start back in your "homeland" : )

  2. Thanks Tammy, and yes it is. Even though its been fairly rainy, the weather has been really nice. In CA we'd still be hitting 33C+ days. Ugh. This week we have highs of 11C here. lol

    The wife is also liking Timmy's coffee. She's headed down a dangerous path.

  3. Gotta say...I don't like Timmy's coffee anymore. Then again, I'm mainly a fan of grinding my own dark roast beans when I brew up some coffee. :)

    Congrats, bro. I hope you don't lose your shit and snap and kill least not before gaining some lucrative benefits. :)

  4. Really, really great Brad. I'm happy for you and Kathy too. We've been alternates here before too and in the end it makes no difference if you weren't a first pick, hey top 25 is smokin'.