Friday, September 10, 2010

I won!

Except I didn’t.

I did win an auction for a video card I wanted for my system (an old AGP system). I received it in the mail today and proceed to install it in the computer and then the computer promptly refuses to boot up. My first thought is I knocked off some power cords. Nope. Then I think the power supply isn’t enough. Nope (I have a 600W). I reinstall my old card and the computer boots up no problem. So then I think its the card. Maybe the card was borked from the beginning. So I email the guy and see what his thoughts are.

Meanwhile I am looking around to see what I can find out and one thing stuck out at me was that on the Powercolor web site it mentions changing the bios to 1.6V. The seller responds with a quote he pulled from somewhere saying many P4 motherboards (like I have D865PERL) are a 1.5V motherboard.

So it looks like I have a 1.6V card with a 1.5V motherboard.


So….. Anyone in the market for a Powercolor HD3850 512mb GDDR3 256bit AGP graphics card?

And….. Does anyone have a X1950Pro 512mb GDDR3 256bit AGP card (what I currently have that is broken) laying around?

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