Monday, September 27, 2010

First day of work.

So I had my first day of work today. I didn’t get much sleep at all last night, maybe two hours, but I wasn’t nervous it was just my mind was going a mile a minute with other idiotic stuff, and maybe that was me being nervous. Although I’ve never been ‘nervous’ like that. But anyway… Yeah, first day of work. It was pretty relaxed, not much studying overmuch, mostly a history of the company, a basic covering of our jobs, our benefits, or employee discounts, etc… Apparently this whole week will be a bit of casual studying, meeting  HR and Union reps, heading over to listen to people on the phones, etc.

Our employee discounts are pretty good. A 32mbps internet speed is only $50 compared with $85 (in the US I had a 3mbps line), cell phone with unlimited txting, data plan and basic phone is just $43 and I can add 3 more people to that. When I went to the MTS store the other day and looking at a plan for Kathy, me and my mother we were quoted at $170. Plus we get to save $25 off a monthly bus pass. So not too shabby employee benefits.

The group I am in seems to be pretty nice, 6 women and 3 guys including me, we’ve sat around and had lunch together and we’re getting to know each other, so its pretty cool.

Overall it was a good day and looks to be a good week.


  1. That is excellent, I bet it feels good to get back into the swing of things.

  2. Great! Glad to hear you're settling in.

    I remember my first month at the Blood Company. I did two tasks that weren't training and indoctrination.

  3. Thanks guys. Sorry for the late reply, I've mostly just been coming home, eating, then getting a massage (since my back has been super sore), maybe watch an episode of Chuck, then sleepytime.