Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Playing games

So I haven’t been adding more to my blog because I’ve been playing games. Actually one game.

Star Trek BotF

Its like Masters of Orion  but set in the Star Trek universe, so pretty decent. I’ve been putting in a good amount of hours on it. Since this is the first time in months I’ve been able to actually play a game for more than 5 minutes this is a good thing.

So pardon my lack of posting… again, but I’m kinda relaxing and liking a stress free environment.

No new news on the job, I’m still waiting for the letter to come in the mail. So hopefully soon.  If we can we’ve decided to try and find a house to buy rather than rent. It may mean a few more months at my mother’s (if we are allowed to stay), but it would mean less payment than rent, and no problems with Ares. But we’ll see. That all depends on me getting a good paying job.

1 comment:

  1. Hope the Job comes through that would be so awesome for you guys. And for Mr. Ares too, to have run of the house!