Saturday, September 4, 2010

Typing, typing and more typing

I suppose I should keep on writing or Cliff will start crying or something…

So in preparation of my next assessment at MTS I am trying to learn how to type without looking at the keyboard, which is what I normally do. In fact I normally type with just my middle two fingers, but I have been fairly quick doing it this odd way. So today I am trying to type without looking at the keyboard. So far its about 50/50 in looking down, its just habit and hard to break.

I do need to learn how to type properly though, so its off to find a typing tutor.

Fun fun.


  1. asdf asdf ttttzzzz asdf

    I remember learning that in school except it was on a typewriter and not a computer. My work peeps tease me that I type very vigorously and kind of wack the keys. O well, it gets the job done and I am pretty fast too.

    Not looking definitely takes practice, but once you learn to keep your fingers on the right keys its easy : )

  2. Yes its definitely going to be interesting. lol

    I should probably grab a book and just copy it as practice.

  3. Y'know, I've always heard it said, and I know it to be true in my heart: Mavis Beacon teaches typing.

    I used that method (and forced myself to stick with it) for a month and my touch-typing started working finally.

    It got so good that I got a job transcribing interviews and my typing speed was upwards of 90 wpm. So just keep at it, no matter what method you use.