Friday, August 12, 2011


Yeah, that’s pretty much me in a nutshell. Kathy likes to joke that I am falling apart all the time. Of course she is not meaning it as hurtful or anything and I don’t take it like that. The truth is I am decrepit and falling apart. I’m getting shooting pain down my sciatic nerve again after around 3 years of it not being there. Some times its just so bad my whole body aches like I have a fever.

The last few weeks I have been in a good amount of pain. One day I even had to leave work early because I just could not handle the pain and trying to figure out people’s bills (for those that do not know I work for a cell phone company in their call centre billing). I have so many knots in my back I could be a massage school training dummy and keep going back every day for them to get more knots out. While that’s half in jest, I probably could do that.

Next week I’m supposed to meet with the ergonomic guy the company has and see what he can do for me. I’ve been using a stand up desk that is someone else’s desk while they are on vacation. My manager has been very supportive and I’ve been keeping her in the loop with my doctor’s appointments and such.

I do need to lose weight, and I have been eating healthier, the problem is that I also need to exercise and I need to use a pool to do it. I can’t walk very far anymore and even taking the dog out for a walk ends up hurting, so Kathy has been doing it. She’s been getting a little frustrated that she has had to do it all the time lately and I can understand that. I need to do the research to find out when I can get to a pool to do the exercise. What I’d really like is to work with a physical therapist who can guide me through getting back in shape without causing more problems. Problem is that costs money and my Blue Cross will not cover that at all.

This is what I’d really like. It would be perfect for me. I hear the Pan Am pool in Wpg has one, but I don’t think I can get access to it without a physical therapist. Figures.


  1. So Alberta Blue Cross would rather pay for medical bills, and all this other stuff to manage the problem rather then help you fix the issue your in right now? Pardon my french but that's a bunch or horsemerde.

    Have you tried talking to someone within Alberta Blue Cross to see if they would help? I mean someone other than a claims adjuster who just punch numbers?

    Just my two cents... Hope you do get on the right track that's a fit for you!

  2. Thanks Shaun but remember I'm in Manitoba. :)

    Plus the issue is that I have no discs between my vertebrae below my rods. So its just bone grinding on bone 24 hours day. The only fix is to fuse the rest of my spine. I'm already fused from T3 to L4, I kinda think that's enough. lol

    Blue Cross is just supplementary insurance, the rest is handled through Manitoba Medical. I haven't been here long enough, with enough history to get to see a specialist yet, although I know what they are going to say. Fuse fuse fuse. Which is why I haven't pushed the issue. I'm first trying to figure out a way to lose some weight (about 40 lbs) and strengthen my ab muscles because they help support the back.