Monday, August 8, 2011

Well colour me BBQ'd

I figured I'd just head over to Cliff's blog and see if he'd manned up and done the AAR he'd promised if I got him the game he wanted. Alas he has not, and will surely tell all and sundry that he needs a new 6-core, high end machine to play it on. Sure Cliff, sure. It's fukkin ponies man!

Better be careful or that 'other' game will look SOOOOOO nice next to all your war games... I'm just sayin.

But, I digress... I go over to Cliff's site and what do I see? My name up on the 'I will shame myself publicly (well as much 'public' as we can get) by writing a blog post a day challenge'. Well bloody hell I forgot about that. So I suppose here I am. I may do a lot of swearing at Cliff, so no surprise to any of Cliff's close friends who I am sure do a lot of that themselves.

Anyway... I finally bought a BBQ. Its been almost a year since we've moved back to Winnipeg and about a year since I have BBQ'd anything. So we saw a BBQ on sale at Canadian Tire for a decent price ($79.99) and figured we'd go ahead and finally buy one. Not the one we wanted but its a BBQ. So on our way home we stop and grab a few NY steaks, and after putting it together and firing it up for 20 minutes or so I took a break. I mean hell, the piece of shit was a pain to put together and I actually had to be outside! In the sun! Do you know what that does to my pale complexion? I might tan! How can I keep my basement dweller cred if I have a tan? So after a few hours, after its started to get dark, I decide I can venture outside and grill. A little bit of Montreal steak spice and pepper, and ohhh they cooked up perfect! A baked potato and some beer and its a perfect meal!

Until... Kathy after eating about half, and in her fervor to eat this deliciously cooked steak, breaks the plate and spills the steak onto the floor. So she sat there with this horrid, sad, look on her face, sort of in shock at losing this culinary masterpiece. So I did what any loving husband would do. I laughed at her.


No I didn't, I am a sad sad man, I just helped her clean it up and cut a hunk off of my steak and gave it to her. Now I have to say that I had barely touched my steak at this point. In eating I am very methodical and eat vegetables first (they cool fastest), then potatoes/rice/pasta, then meat. Its how I've always eaten and its just what I do. Now here comes this sad face of a wife who looks like a lost puppy in the rain, and I give her some of my barely touched steak. Personally I think she did it on purpose to get more steak than I did. She's American, she'd do things like that.


  1. So this summer's blog challenge you can write about your great Canadian adventures. You started with a steak and montreal spice...pretty canuck!

  2. Welcome back to the challenge, my little pony.

  3. That you know that Liam, says a lot about you man... lol

    Tammy yes, Canadian adventures... That would preclude that Canadians have adventures.

  4. Hmmm...perhaps the pony game can kick in at the end. If I get my new computer by then. I'm not downloading and installing that goddamn thing until then.

  5. Oh, and I'll tell you right now, I am TOTALLY down for some Imagine Fashion whatever it is. I'll turn it in to a goddamn pimping simulation! :)