Sunday, August 14, 2011

What a bloody day!

OK so the thousands of my loyal followers that were paying attention yesterday. Ok, maybe not thousands.

The hundreds of you.

Well ok. The two of you And, one of them is my wife, so does she even count? No no dear. Of course you count! Put down the knife... Just think calming thoughts. Think about invading other countries bringing 'democracy' and 'freedom'. That's a good girl.

Speaking of Americans...

This lady thinks she should be president.


I shit you not.

Anyway… So you might remember I was leading up to something yesterday and then backed away from it. What what I was going in to was going from this:

desk1   desk2  

To this:


Much nicer yes?

The desks are pine, and are actually the very same desks I sold to a friend of mine 10 years ago when I moved down to the US to be with Kathy. At the time they were pretty much brand new and it really sucked having to give them up. Well my buddy and his wife are expecting a child soon, so his office is now going to be a baby room. He sold me back my old desk, which is a very nice thing for him to have done and since they are very nice its also great for our computers.


It would be great if our computers worked. Yes, you heard me. My computer, after a bios update a year ago has never been off because when I tried to it would just automatically reboot. Now it will turn on, but nothing shows up onscreen, monitor just goes to DVI power save mode. Kathy’s computer would not even turn on again. Both computers, if you read Cliffs blog and my cursing at him when he posted about his new computer specs, are 10 year old AGP systems that were pushed to about the limits they could go. 3.2ghz hyper-threaded Intel single core CPU, 2 gigs RAM, 512mb DDR3 video cards. Basically pretty good computers, even if they were 10 years old. If I can get them up and running again I’m giving them to my nephews to use.

So in a heat of panic, as my wife needs her computer to make a living (I might have mentioned she is a ghost writer at some point, we went out and bought some new computers. We went to Computer Trends and bought this computer x2.

Asus, AMD Phenom II x6 2.6ghz, 8gb RAM, 1TB HD, ATI HD 5750 1gb video card.

Not bad for a prebuilt system and once you get rid of Trend Micro’s really bloody annoying virus scanner that was blocking everything we tried to do, it worked out fine.

Fine did I say? Not quite. You see after setting up the computer for my wife, women come first, my computer doesn’t work. Nothing comes up on the monitor. Yes, the same problem as my old computer. However I also tried it over where my wife’s computer works fine, and still the same issue. So after work tomorrow I get to go in and see what went wrong.

So its been an interesting day. I don’t think we ate until 6pm, and that was with all the moving of stuff around. Hell as of now I’ve only had one half of my sub sammich, which will get eaten after tonight’s post.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better, although I doubt it. Mondays always suck. If people don’t get 24 hour cell customer service they are unhappy, and apparently its all my fault. Joyful.


  1. You computer is trying to die with dignity, goddammit! Have some mercy!

  2. Welcome to the club. We have clients that have a blip on their blackberry and demand our "internets" run 24 hours a day! Uh..yeah...well I wish we had that power but I would say your damn device lost connection for a bit. Suck it up princess!!

    O..i guess you can't say that to your customers. Well I can't either, so I am typing it here.

    Welcome to the computer 21st century!

  3. I have two followers and ones my girlfriend. I feel your pain. Sweet set up though.