Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Work talk

I had a conversation the other day that went like this:

“Hi Jackie (supervisor), this guy wants FSB, but LDB won’t take it, he’s on PPI and it needs IPS to get FSB to work in LDB right? Now do I do the credits in SAP or OCC?”

FSB, LDB, PPI, IPS, SAP, OCC, MMCD, RD30, LD50, HIP2, C27, C26, C65, C61, S7, S2, CID, VMM, TT1, TTB, P5LD, DTL, etc, etc, etc.

So many codes, and we pretty much know them all by sight. Maybe not off the top of our heads, but when we see it we know. Its pretty amazing and a little freaky. I’m sure all of us have the same at our works and its just kind of funny how we can go from speaking one language to speaking another with hardly a thought about it.

Work talk vs home talk.

I wonder if multilingual people transition this easily?

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