Monday, August 15, 2011

Three days, three computers

In the last three days I’ve written three blog posts on three different computers. My original old one (which has died), my wife new one last night, and now my new one. I have to say working on my wife’s computer last night was the hardest. Not only was she hanging over my shoulder, pacing back and forth, sighs, and in general just the general angst you feel when someone is on your computer. The only thing missing was a whiney voice asking ‘are you done yet?’ every 30 seconds.

My computer I took back to Computer Trends today and we just did a straight swap and no problems at all. So I spent part of today working to put programs back on the computer. The other part of today was spent napping because I really should have been at work but woke up in a lot of pain, so I called in. Not great, but I do see my doctor again tomorrow so we’ll see what we can do.

I have two HDs in my old computer I need to swap into my new one, lucky they are SATA because the new one has no room for a IDE HD. I have an old video card that may work to slap in there to see if I can get it working enough get things off the one IDE I have.

Kathy spent her day moving stuff from her computer to her new one. We were able to get that one up and running to be able to move stuff, but it still needs more investigations as to what happened exactly. But as I said yesterday if I am comfortable with these old computers I’ll give em to my nephews.

Do you ever get an itch that cannot be scratched? Like the itch itself is under the skin? I get them in the area of my back that is mostly numb (from my surgeries). I have one now and its bloody driving me insane. Just so ya know.

So yeah. This is my blog post for tonight. More inane ramblings.

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