Saturday, August 20, 2011


So my mom and Tom with my nephew Matt were coming into town today and I figured I’d make my nice burgers again. So on the way to Safeway to get some groceries I decide to stop in at Mr. D’s Tart and Pie and grab us some dessert. They make some nice 4” pies and that way we can all have something different. I grabbed:

  • 2 Raisin
  • 2 Pecan
  • 2 Cherry
  • 4 Apple
  • 1 Blueberry
  • 1 Strawberry

All put in a nice box and ready to go.  Awesome, Tom is going to be in heaven (that man loves him some pies).

We stop at Safeway and I wrap up the pies in a rug I have in the back of the car because we have Ares in the car with us, I don’t want him getting at them. So off we go to get what we need and we are only in there for about 15 minutes. On the way back I see Ares in the front seat waiting for us. "’Oh good’, I think ‘he hasn’t gotten to the pies. Good boy Ares!’. Open the back of the CRV and there is the box, torn up and 10 of the 12 pies eaten. *sigh*

There sits Ares…


With a look of innocence on his face. Uh huh. Yeah right. I mean I know he knows he’s done wrong, but I have to admire his balls for trying to pull it off. Like him sitting in the front seat is really going to fool us. Dog, I think we are smarter than you!

We get home and I ask Kathy to call the vet just in case. He’s had raisin and they are really bad for dogs. They said that we could just watch him and see if he gets lethargic, or we could get some hydrogen peroxide and dump it down his throat to induce vomiting. Which is really weird because we had seen this video earlier in the day (at 3:20 is the point where it becomes pertinentto my story).

(I swear he is talking about Cliff at 7:35)

Soooo…. We just went with the watching him to make sure he’s ok. So far no problems. This dog has a cast iron stomach I think. He’s eaten 4 Eatmore chocolate bars at one time before and he’s been fine. The dog is an eating machine.


  1. Louis C.K. is probably the funniest man alive.

    Glad the dog's okay. I love how they'll do something bad when nobody else could possibly have done it, and yet still try to pull the innocent act. You have to have respect for a creature who is apparently enough of a raging sociopath that they try to pull it off.

    "Hey...uhhh...OH! Did someone eat those?! Musta been that...errr...that crazy homeless guy! Yeah, totally thought he was gonna kill me. Luckily he didn't. So we should be, like...thankful and stuff, right? Too bad about the pies, though. They were really good...DAMMIT!"