Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wow, I got nothing.

Yeah. Nothing interesting happened today, no game purchases, nothing major or interesting happened. Nothing even to piss me off so I can rant about it. *sigh*

I’m starting up a series of books I’ve read about 2-3 times already. Its by John Ringo and its the Posleen series he wrote. Its about a federation of aliens coming to the earth for help cause they need help fighting the Posleen, and of course we kick ass and take names, but the earth takes a huge hit too. All in all its good mindless reading.

I’m probably going on to read the Obsidian trilogy by Mercedes Lackey after. Another series I’ve read a number of times.

I tend to keep books I like. I’ll reread them a lot. I know that some people can’t do that, but I love rereading stuff I have enjoyed.

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