Thursday, August 25, 2011

Requires a 3rd party download and account

How I hate those words.

A lot of new games say those words to me. Its very annoying. See those words mean that you can only play those games through Steam, even if I buy the game from someone else, I can only play the game through the Steam client.

Now there is nothing wrong with Steam, I think Valve is a good company, they have a sense of humour (unlike other companies), and for the most part they deal fairly with their customers. This, this is a good thing. However you HAVE to run the Steam client to play games. That’s what I don’t like. I don’t like it that a 3rd party is now between me and the publisher/developer.

For the first time in the history of the Civilization franchise I have not bought the newest one to come out because it has to be run through Steam. It was a disappointment, but one I can live with. Its not like I HAVE to play it or my life is ruined or anything. However more and more games I’d really like to play are on Steam client only: Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, F.E.A.R 3, Call of Juarez: The Cartel. Well the last one has two strikes against it, its Ubisoft AND Steam (me no likey Ubisoft either, but they are a bastard company).

Right now I have two games on Steam that I’m actually going to play. Metro 2033 and Pirates of Black Cove. And actually the only reason I had Steam on my old system was to beta test Pirates of Black Cove and I found out today that they gave us beta testers the full version. Steam went on my new system because I wanted to try a game that pushed my new system a little bit so I picked up Metro 2033 for $5.

So now I have Steam on my system and it does bug me. But I already have 2 games I am playing would 3 or 4 make that much of a difference? And I can hear Cliff rubbing his hands together, with a gleam in his eye, a wide grin on his mouth and whispering in my ear, ‘Yes Brad, come to the dark side, you’ll like it, its not so bad, look at all the pretty games!’ Well fuck you Cliff! Stop with the peer pressure (no pun intended I assure you). I’m just going to crawl over here and cry at the eroding of my values, morals and stances on things.





Next thing you know I’ll be a Republican.



Nah…. THAT will never happen. I do have some standards. lol


  1. Are you insinuating that Luigi is some sort of hard core right winger? Clearly, from the bizarre images he sees around him all day, he is dropping some serious acid. And acid is the drug of left leaning hippies.

  2. Nope. I'm insinuating that he would be shocked if I were to become a republican. :)