Friday, August 13, 2010

Deconstructing computers.

So I am taking apart our computers now, and will put them back up later tonight (Hopefully). Our current computer desks will be in the garage sale. So off they go.

The biggest worry is if the MIL will keep her car outside the garage tonight. I need the room to put all the stuff we have in the garage.

But before I go I’m gonna leave you with some videos. Both are funny, but one is NSFW (or children). It contains nudity, but not pornographic.

First the funny making fun of Monty Python one.

Now for the NSFW one. (you may actually have to go to the original link as its gonna get cut off, I can’t resize it.)

Elave - Nothing to Hide
Uploaded by hushtoa. - Watch more comedy videos and sitcoms.

I like the commercial, I think its pretty cleaver and funny, but its not something we would ever see in NA. It was a web only ad, and then they did take it down.

Oh, what the hell, one more video. If you really want to know how messed up the pharmaceutical industry is in the US, watch this. Its pretty messed up.

So there ya go. Nuts eh?

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