Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Idahoans are sucky drivers

Y’know, I have planned on doing some sort of play  on ‘Beaver’ tonight, something suitably vague, but still able to pull a joke from if you have a dirty mind (like I know you all do). We did make it to Beaver, UT (476 miles) today after leaving 2 and a half hours late (10:30am), we still made good time and pulled in by 6:30, and that with 3 stops along the way, about 30 minutes each. So that’s an average of 73 miles an hour, not too bad.


That was at one rest stop just across the Arizona border in Utah, very pretty country. While going through Arizona we came to one part of the Interstate that had been cut out of the mountains. Very ‘S’ shaped road, it was pretty cool and I would have enjoyed it far more if there was not some fucking idiot in front of me.

He started bothering me even before we came to the winding mountain stretch. I had been pulling up to him in the left lane, and there was this other car in the right lane going slower than him that he was passing. So as is ‘right and natural’ he should have pulled to the right and gotten out of my way. He didn’t, and the bitch in the other car decided at that point that she didn’t like a U-Haul passing her and floored it. Now the guy in front of me is randomly speeding up and slowing down, always making it so that I can’t pass him on the left, and there is a line of cars behind me all probably blaming me for this shitty driving.

Now we come to the winding road where this asshole decides he likes to put his brakes on for every fucking corner. I think I had to deal with this asshole in his shitty GMC Jimmy for about 20 miles. Fucking bastard.

Idaho, fuck you for your shitty drivers.


Ares loved this place, it wasn’t blistering hot like some of the other stops, and it had grass for him to run around on, so he liked it a lot.

Tomorrow we head for Dillon, MT. This drive is going to be a bit longer as we are going another 40 miles further than we did today. Kathy wants to sleep in a bit and leave by 9am, but I’d rather leave at 8am. We’ll see what happens.

I do have to say that as we were passing through Vegas I offered to take Kathy out to a nice steak dinner. She declined, but I don’t know why. She loves steak. This is why men will never understand women.

Oh and I am VERY glad we were not travelling the other way through Vegas. MASSIVE traffic jam due to construction. I think I drove for 10 minutes before I saw the tail end of the jam, with more cars coming in.

So tomorrow we start it all over again. More fun fun fun !

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  1. I HATE people who decide that they've apparently lost face by being passed, so they'd best speed up again in some bizarre attempt to regain the upper hand. Drives me nuts.

    Sounds like the first day was good. And you're going to need to sleep in, since you were probably up until 3:30 am jumping on the bed and cheering "No more mother in law!" loudly until the people in the neighboring room called the cops.

  2. Actually we were up until 3am for completely different reason. And get your mind out of the gutter, it wasn't that. It will be the subject of todays rant blog. I know you'll be proud.

    So we are leaving late again today.

  3. Is the rant about the fact that it was for a completely different reason?

    Yay for leaving late. Enjoy the trip! Take copious notes for the movie script.

    Any shady types make off with your wife? Anything like that?