Friday, August 6, 2010

What did I do today?

(Be warned I got on a roll and could not stop)

Not that anyone cares, but since I have to write something, you’re going to get a peek into the innermost portions of my day. If you don’t like that, blame Cliff. Its all his fault.

I got a call today from my mother’s husband about a job in Winnipeg. I had already emailed my resume to a friend of theirs who works in MTS, and apparently she called them and told them about a job I had to apply for immediately. So that’s kind of how I woke up today, getting a call about a job. Considering I haven’t had a job in two years this isn’t a bad way to wake up. This friend of theirs actually sent my resume to a few people in MTS, so I may have a few ways in, but we’ll see. They starting pay is really good, and hopefully its a good stepping stone to move elsewhere in the company.

After I did the online application we headed out to Target to find some portable speakers for my MP3 player (Samsung YP-U2J). An older one and considering most of the portable speakers I can find are compatible with the iPod or Zune, I donno if I’m gonna be able to find a set. I thought that if it fits in a headphone jack it should work, but now I’m not so sure. (If anyone knows if this set will work, let me know…)

On the way home we stopped at Honda to get an appointment to get the car checked up and fluids changed, so that is done for our trip. I also changed the wipers as ours were about 4 years old and nasty. (I know this is riveting information)

After that it was making phone calls to change the address on my This Old House magazine, and a few other odds and ends. I love that mag. I really love the last page “save this old house’, where you can find a house that is about to get demolished and hopefully someone sees it and saves it. If I had no worries about money I’d go around fixing up old houses myself and learning how to do everything. I’d probably contract out some of the work, but do some myself. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to doing projects, so it takes me longer, but when its done it looks damned good and its not going to fall apart either.

The last few days we’ve also had a bit of a scare because Ares got sick. He wasn’t eating or drinking. Monday night he spent the entire night outside laying in the garden. I thought for sure we were going to lose him that night. I figured he was doing what some animals will do when they are dying and finding a place to die in. So it was a tough night. First thing the next morning we took him to the vet and they did some tests and what it seems to have been was just some stomach problems, and while very uncomfortable for him, not life threatening. He’s doing better, but is on a bland diet, which means chicken and rice. Except the mother-in-law seems to think he’s fine and wants to feed him his regular food.

Cliff has read some of my earlier work where I talk about the MIL, and she’s one crazy lady. She just ‘knows’ things and decides that’s what is best. It doesn’t matter if she has no bloody clue at all, she just ‘knows’ and therefore its reality for her. The problem is we’ve lost dogs and spent many thousands of dollars on vet bills because she ALWAYS gives the dogs food from her plate, every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. It makes me so mad to think about it, but nothing we have said makes any difference, she keeps doing it. I can’t express my feelings enough about how glad I am to get away from that shit. I know its a sore spot with Kathy being in between us, but 9 years in a house with a MIL that hates me is far more than enough.

Ok… Calm the angst down…

What I’m currently doing is filling up my old MP3 player with music, and since I have to actually listen to a bit of the song before I know it its been 2 hours now and I still have 1.3 gigs left in my 2 gig player. Kathy is liking this though. She’ll get all smiley or start crying depending on the song. On one song a memory came up that she used to follow hot guys around in her car. Oh God, more confirmation she’s a stalker.

OK, I think this is far too long. Cliff… This counts as like 4 days posting right?


  1. Sadly, you will have to do it all over again tomorrow, Brad.

    Well, sadly for you. I like reading vignettes of peoples' days.

  2. I have had many dogs and never fed food off the plate. Although my old basset used to grab bran muffins off the counter if I didn't watch, lol. She also loved sitting under the horses oat box when they ate and ate the dropped oats. I guess they must love the fibre. I am glad your dog is ok.

    I have never seen This Old House magazine but i watched the show for years and then the spin off New Yankee workshop. I always wanted a "biscuit joiner" and that fancy machine that is like a transformer. Move the arm up, swing to the left..and its a band saw.

    I like reading about peoples days, it helps me know them better.

  3. Tammy, if you go to the This Old House website and search for 'Save this old house' you'll see past houses and what has happened to them. Some have been saved, others demolished. Its pretty cool. I'd love to save some of those houses.