Thursday, August 12, 2010

I’m sore.

My whole body aches. I guess these last two weeks have kinda caught up to me. All the packing and moving and stuff, not the greatest thing for me body. Kathy has been great in giving me massages which have really helped out. I know I am really glad that we’ll have a week that isn’t about packing or anything like that, it’ll just be relaxing. Making the final arrangements and getting things done.

Kathy worries that this is going to be too much for my body, and while I am sore I do believe I will live. When we get to Wpg I may need a week of sleeping to recover, but I’ll be ok.

Oddly enough though its not the lower back that is the major problem its almost everywhere else. I mean my lower back has been my main problem for around a decade now. Almost my whole spine is fused, from T1 to L4, its all fused. No bendy, no twisty, just held in place. Since my surgery in 1983 all of my spinal movement has been in a few lower vertebrae. The bad thing is this has pretty much caused the discs to deteriorate away to nothing and now my vertebrae are just grinding on each other and pinching nerves. Not a good thing at all.

Normally that area of my spine is just a mass of knots that Kathy massages away, and I could easily have a massage a day, and the next day more knots would appear. I joke that I could be the ‘massage dummy’ at a massage school. But even though those knots are still there, that’s not my worst area right now. Its mostly upper back.

The good thing is that Kathy’s massages do help out a lot and it usually segue into something even more fun.

[Cue cheesy video here]


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  1. You presume wrong, but I know you went out to search for more videos.