Saturday, August 7, 2010

To the dogs

So I’m going to write about my dogs today. Why? I donno, cause I pretty much feel like it. We just did more packing and running around today. Got the CRV checked out and ready to go, I even got them to knock 10% off the bill, so not too bad. The mother-in-law stayed nice today and didn’t do anything annoying, so I really can’t bitch about her today.

So dogs it is today.

I’ll start off with Honey, who is a miniature Cocker Spaniel.  We didn’t know she was going to be miniature when we got her, she just turned out that way. She’s very cute and knows it. She’ll look at you with those puppy dog eyes and your heart just melts. She uses this to full advantage when she wants something.

This is her just chilling out in the yard.


This is a common theme to see me with my puppies. I like sleeping, they like cuddling next to me while I sleep. And Kathy (my wife) likes taking pictures of me while I sleep.











I think my favourite picture of Honey and I.


A very common theme with Honey, she likes laying on top of me.


Of course Ares likes to  get in the picture too. You should just be able to see his nose there. He is right behind me. Sometimes what happens is when I grab my pillow the dogs will jump up on the couch before I can get there. And with Ares he takes up a lot of room, so what I do is just get as much onto the couch as possible and lean against him. He doesn’t mind, he’s stayed there for hours before.


Ares is a Weimaraner, and a beautiful dog. We got him as a rescue from our neighbour because he was ignoring the dog completely, after spending a full month walking the dog and being a very proud owner of a Weimaraner, a dog he had wonted for ages. Then I guess he got bored and decided to leave the dog locked up in a very small area and never spending any time with him. Now these types of dogs HAVE to have human interaction or they will go crazy. Ares (they named him ‘Harley’ after the bike) had been howling every day for months, and at night too. My mother-in-law was ready to call the cops on them. But, they are friends of ours, even though some things they do really irritate us, but overall good people. He had talked about breeding Ares and then selling him, but he made no move to do either, so one day I just said that we wanted to buy him and what did he want for him?

So one day we brought him home on a leash and I took him to the back yard to visit our other 3 dogs. I kept him on the leash for about 20 minutes, walking him around the yard, letting him sniff things and get used to the place. The second I let him off the leash he took off running all around the yard. He was just so overjoyed at being able to run around, he was soooo happy. When he took off Honey was watching him for a few minutes just running around the yard and decided to join him. They were both fairly young at the time and the same age,  so they took to each other like peanut butter and jam. They were immediate friends.

Here is a bigger picture of Ares.


I’ll have more pictures of Ares soon. Our email isn’t working and the wife has all the good pics on her comp.

Ares is the one we are taking back with us to Winnipeg, and leaving Honey with the mother-in-law. Honestly I’d rather take both dogs, but that’s simply not an option. Ares is a large dog and very protective of the house and us, I simply do not trust the MIL to make sure Ares is kept calm if people come over. I don’t want to get a phone call that he bit someone and had to be put down, cause of course it will somehow be magically our fault, the MIL is never wrong, nor is she ever at fault for anything. But, Ares will have a 2000 mile drive to deal with. It is going to be interesting to see what happens.

One more picture to end this. This is the ‘dog blanket’. Back when we had Bell (Cocker Spaniel) and Angel (Springer Spaniel) this was a very common sight in the colder weather.


I really miss Bell and Angel, both passed away this  last year. Both dogs were super sweet and I was really attached to Bell. When I first came here she was really shy, didn’t really let anyone touch her for very long, if at all, but she should sit next to me as I read a book, and would then sleep in that exact spot every time when I took a nap. It was always a blessing to have her lay down next to you, cause it just wasn’t something she did often. But anytime my wife was in tears there she was to comfort my wife.

Angel was special too, she loved to play ball, loved cuddling and if she wanted your attention her paw would go on your leg. She was the one who wanted the most attention. She was a great puppy.

I’m going to really miss Honey too. While Ares is great and we love him to pieces, it just won’t be the same without Honey around. I know Ares is going to miss him too. Half of the wife’s crying jags about leaving are about missing Honey.  So its going to be tough all around.


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  1. That is awesome, you are like a human dog bed! : ) I like cuddly animals and I feel sorry for those that people just ignore. Don't get a pet if you don't want it and aren't prepared to love it properly I say.

    I did have one Shepard/husky (Lady) that would never cuddle as she was very independent, but my old basset and beagle would lap up all the suckiness you could give. Lady also came from a biker house and was tied up all the time and blind in an eye from being shot with a pellet gun. Poor thing. Human Beings often disappoint me, animals never do.

    Those are great pictures!