Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Moving stuff & garage sale

Still in pain a bit, even though we’ve taken it easy the last few days. Obviously we did not get everything done by last weekend like I wanted to. Its the last little bit and so there is no huge rush, but I still want it done.

This weekend is our garage sale where I am going to try and sell about 50 PC games, and games going back into DOS days. So that’s not going to be easy. We have romance novels (Kathy’s) and my sci-fi books a 50” TV and some other odds and ends. I have a fair amount of cabinetry supplies kicking around, toe kick, quarter round, crown molding, a ton of brushed nickel knobs, sprays and other assorted stuff. I’m hoping shit ill sell, but I just don’t know. Its a risk and I’m really not one for risk.

I’ve had a few people start calling me already, and only one guy has now called me back. He may take all my comics, but he lives an hour away, so it would be a trip for him to come up here. So he’s not sure hat he’s going to do. I hope he buys them, but if not I’ll try and sell them at the garage sale and if nothing then, then I’ll just bring them along.

Same with the video games. What doesn’t sell comes with me. The books will get donated to the library if they don’t sell. Same with other odds and ends stuff. Find a place to donate them to.

We just found out Kathy’s brother is coming up on Saturday too, and probably in the morning. Which is kind of a waste and not a good thing really. If I’m out taking care of the garage sale that means Kathy is inside with her mother and two brothers, one of whom is an emotional roller coaster, you just never know which way he’s going. So I’m hoping they come in the afternoon.

Anyway, coming up to this weekend is gonna be stressful. Not looking forward to it.

The good news is that a lot of other things are getting organised. We ordered some rechargeable walkie talkies which should be here tomorrow. Since Kathy will be in the CRV and me in the u-haul we need some way to communicate. Plus I plan on giving them to my dad for him and his wife to use when they are RVing or boating. So its not a waste of a one time use.

I also got a portable speaker system for my MP3 player. I can’t believe how hard it is to find one that isn’t specifically for a Zune or an iPod. I picked up a Sony one that was small, snapped close and while no tthe best sound, wasn’t too bad. But then even with the MP3 player going full blast it wasn’t very loud and it started to skip the music. My guess it was trying to draw too much power from the MP3 player. So I returned it and ordered a battery powered one.  The good thing about this one is that we can use it for our laptop afterwards too. Its speakers are dying and this will work nice. So again, not a single use waste of money.

Twelve days till we leave. I’m both excited and nervous at the same time. Kathy is just a rollercoaster of emotions. She laughs, she cries, she’s excited, she’s nervous. In other words, she’s acting just like woman normally does. :)


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  1. Out of curiosity, what walkies did you get? My brother in law and I tried that method when we were moving them out to Winnipeg, and it was just a disaster. Any time one of us got about a km. or so away from the other, nothing but bursts of static. Walkie talkies seem to be something where you have to drop some dough to get anything worth a damn.

  2. "Cobra CXT90 Gmrs/Frs 2-Way Rechargeable Radio with Hands Free Operation (Black, Twin Pack)

    Not the greatest, but I really didn't want to spend a shit ton of money on them. All we really need to do is say we need to pull over, the dog needs to shit or something like that. So nothing overly serious.

    I'm also not expecting to get any decent range out of them. Everything I have read says cheap ones are shit too. lol

  3. I get a great sense of enjoyment when I can get rid of old stuff, and where people either buy it or make use of it. Interesting how junk to one person is treasure to another.

    Will you guys get searched at the boarder when you come across? Or is that fairly easy?

  4. Well we are not 'moving' when we cross, just 'visiting'. We are storing a bunch of stuff in Grand Forks until I get work and officially move. Otherwise its a big mess of paperwork and waiting, etc... I'd rather just get in, and get working than having to wait another year to see if the wife will be allowed to come in or not. A bit dishonest perhaps, but since we are planning on doing things the right way when we get in, I don't think its a huge issue.