Monday, August 9, 2010

Mother-in-Law V

So here is another mother-in-law story. It contains things that happened yesterday and today. Two days ago the MIL wasn’t talking to us, made it so the dog ran out into the street and overall was a pain in the ass.

Yesterday complete opposite. She was happy, she went out and bought my wife & I some nice steaks for dinner, talked to us about the move and saying it was a good thing, etc… She also seemed pleased that I’ve got an ‘assessment test’ planned for the first part of Sept for a good paying job.

Today she’s not happy with the move. I just took a quick nap and the wife came in crying because her mom was crying and saying she should not go. That’s its too cold, she’ll get sick, etc… So now my wife is stressing about this right now.

This is the kind of shit I have had to put up with. Being moody and not speaking to us, being happy and doing nice things, to playing games with my wife’s mind. I really have no clue what to believe with her. We know she lies to get her way, we’ve seen her do it with her two sons. She had told one of her sons that my wife wasn’t paying any mortgage at all and that she hadn’t ever. When she said that my wife had been paying the full mortgage and bills for 12 years straight. She’s recently said she should not have to pay for anything in the house, that we should pay for everything.

She’s not all bad, she has helped us out in the past and done some truly amazing things. But what is sad is it takes getting to the edge and just as we are falling over, she’ll help. Most of the time if we ask for help its either a no, or very reluctant or very little help. So it is out of character for her to help out, but she has helped.

For me its just hard to believe what is genuine or her playing games. And really this is why I am wanting us out of here, and actually into a different country, that way her family cannot try and control her, she’s too far away. Plus her family will have to help out with the house and not have it all rest on us. When we are able we will send down some money and help too, because I do think that is important, but I never want us to have the full load all on us again.

I can’t wait to get back to Canada and get away from this.


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  1. That's right. We in Canada are constantly sick. Coughs, colds, you name it.
    But seriously, that sucks. You can pick your spouse, but that is about it.

  2. I have a simple solution to this problem...I've suggested it before, and I'll bring it up again.


    Fire will solve the problem.

    And then you can flee across the border in to our Northern world of pestilence.

  3. I think you are doing the right think, taking you wife to somewhere away from such a destructive influence. It's such a shame that destructive influence is her parent. I'm sure it will be a long a difficult road for her to gain more independence from her mom, even in a different country, but the distance is a good start.

    I can't believe you've stuck with it this long. You must really really love your wife. In your shoes, I think I would've gone the El Cliff route long ago.