Sunday, August 15, 2010

Garage sale day 2

Well it was slower, but we still sold some things and made a few hundred bucks, so all in all not too bad. The big thing that sold today was the exercise bike, so that’s good. We still have 6 boxes of books to donate, most of my cabinet supplies and a computer desk and a really ugly 1980’s tv hutch. But we’ll deal with that this week.

We actually got sleep last night too. I was so sore I was walking around like a 95 year old man, and when I wrote yesterdays post I was soooo tired. I should have left all the spelling mistakes in there for you to see, but there was a ton. I could barely think. But Kathy gave me a massage and I fell asleep during that, even though she was digging in so hard she was leaving marks on my skin. But after that we both went to sleep and slept right till 5am when the alarm went off. So we got a good 5 hours sleep.

The biggest surprise I think was selling all the computer games. I had about 150 out for sale in total. One lady came out yesterday and today and bought a bunch both days. She also picked up the bookshelves I had made too, so that was good. In fact overall it was pretty decent. It would have been nice to have sold the cabinet stuff, but I’m calling habitat for humanity and seeing if they’ll want them. I hope so.

So tomorrow we have more running around to do. Kathy kind of wants a day off, but I’d rather get everything done and take the days before we go off. Next Sunday I should have the  cargo van packed up and Monday morning we be leaving. Its kind of exciting till I started to realise that I’ll be living in the same country as Cliff, which is kind of a downer. It was nice having border security between us. Ah well, at least we have Sask to be our ‘no man’s land’, our demilitarized zone’.

Only 7 more days till we leave here.

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  1. Feels good to get rid of some of that "stuff" you have eh?

    Speaking of Eh, you better pick that back up if you plan on living back here in the land of the north

  2. Yeah I know, and I just got used to 'huh?', 'wha?', 'Uhmurka!' and dropping the 'u' in some words.

  3. Sounds like you've gotten rid of a bunch of stuff and had some fools pay money for it. I know when we crossed borders twice in 2 years we had to leave a bunch of stuff behind, sell, give away, trash.... just because it was too heavy or bulky and wasn't worth the cost of moving it.

    By the way, how do you know Cliff anyways? I don't think I know the story.

  4. Cliff & I were on a forum together and started making snarky comments to each other (although I know its difficult to believe that Cliff could ever make snarky comments...). He was an admin, and once I became a moderator we just started chatting more.

    And that's about it. :)

    And yeah, having people pay for our stuff is very nice. :)

  5. We essentially bonded over how incredibly stupidly the site we were a part of was being run. :)

    Sounds like you've cleared out quite a bit, which is awesome. And good idea seeing if Habitat for Humanity will take those tools off your hands.