Sunday, August 29, 2010

So here we are in Canuckistan

Yes we finally made it. The journey is over and the new adventure begins.

We did have a bit of a nervous time at the border, we got pulled inside and grilled about a few things. Mostly about what Kathy does for a living (we said writer), no I’m not moving here, we are leaving in a month, where are we staying, etc… Twas a bit of an adventure in and of itself.

They didn’t search the car, which was nice, cause they would have found 2 computers and a 42” LCD tv, it might have been hard to explain away. It was a huge relief when we got our passports back and said we are ok to go. After that it was just driving up to Wpg and trying to remember where things were to get us to my mother’s.

My dad did meet us in Grand Forks to help us unload the U-Haul and since he took the RV they are bringing some boxes up for us. Mostly just boxes of books and some dvds. We did set up the tv and dvd player already and they work fine.

The people at the storage place were simply great. They came in on their day off, they gave us a cheque (I can now spell cheque properly too!) to cover our extra night and food, and also showed me where to drop the key off for the U-Haul, so they are pretty damned good. I’m glad I used them, cause they are pretty awesome.

Our computers are going to stay dead for awhile until family goes away. So until then Kathy & I will share the laptop. Fun times.


  1. Welcome Home! I've really been enjoying your blog, it reminds of our cross border moves. Having a screaming autistic kid who tears down displays does wonders for moving you through the border quickly. :) How is Kathy doing? You're coming home, but she's leaving hers, just in time for winter in Winnipeg (yikes!). You two seem so happy. I hope the move is every kind of wonderful you hope it to be.

  2. Welcome to Canada...and congrats on publicly mentioning that you lied to border officials about the purposes of your 'visit'! lol

  3. Looks like my reposting of the Welcome Back, Kotter lyrics got spammed... bastards.

  4. Looks like you need to change the "About Me" now :)