Monday, August 30, 2010

What the hell am I going to write about now?

I mean most of my blogging has been about the move, and now that is done, what the hell do I write about?

I did get a call today from MTS about a job interview though. According the the ‘inside source’ I have the online test I had to take just before I packed the computer up must have went well. If not, then I would not be given an interview. So that is good news. I have the interview on wednesday morning. Two years of applying for jobs in the US and I got 2 interviews, one day in Canada and I already have an interview. Go figure. It would be nice to get this job.

Our room is a huge mess. We are trying to get things figured out, but its not easy as we have very limited space. We want to have as low an impact on my mom and her husband as possible, so we are reluctant to spread out to find more storage. So that’s an issue.

Ares has been pretty good, but he doesn’t like being left alone for very long, if he is then he starts making noise. He did this tonight and my mother came down to see him before we could, when Kathy got down here my mom was already there petting him. She really loves having a dog in the house, although I know her husband is not too pleased. So far he’s being ok, although I know he wants us out of here asap.

And in response to Erron’s question about Kathy (from my last post), ‘How is Kathy doing? You're coming home, but she's leaving hers, just in time for winter in Winnipeg (yikes!).’ I’ll let Kathy speak for herself:

This is Kathy, Brad’s wife, taking over the hubby’s blog for a second to answer Erron’s question. Thanks for asking, by the way.

I am doing ok. The process has been a very emotional one for me as this is my first big move away from home, kith, and kin. I can honestly say that I never anticipated that I would ever leave California before now. I might have imagined moving to a different area of the state, but never leaving the state, and certainly never leaving the United States.

As Brad has noted, I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster about this move since we made the decision to do it. One moment I’ll be happy and excited, and the next, crying my eyes out. As the move date grew closer, the emotional roller coaster picked up steam, and I don’t quite know how Brad was able to put up with me at all during that time. I guess he really does love me a lot, lol.

Anyway, now that we’re here, my emotions have evened out and I am actually quite happy to be here. Winnipeg is beautiful and so green! Living in the desert for over twenty years has made me forget how lovely a sea of green grass can be. The street that Brad’s mom lives on is in an older part of town and it is lined with large trees that overhang the sidewalk and the roadway. It is lovely to walk Ares down the street and watch the tree shadows dapple the ground ahead. There is moisture in the air and hence,there are beautiful cumulus clouds that race across the sky in great puffy cotton balls. (Right now it is raining and there was actually a bit of thunder and lightning…beyond cool. I love thunderstorms and they were rare in the Californian desert.)

I am thrilled that Brad already has a job interview after going so long without one and I am hopeful that he will find work soon…even if this one doesn’t pan out. Once he is working, my remaining worries about this move will be put permanently to rest.

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  1. What a nice post from both of you! I wish you only good things. Good luck on your Interview Brad. You have such a great supportive wife and it sounds like you have each other's back. I hope this is just the start of many good things and who knows one day maybe we will all meet in person.

  2. I just wanted to welcome you both to Canada and (finally) post something on you Blog even though I have been following since before the challenge via Cliffy's page. Some cousins of mine used to live in Selkirk and we'd visit them every other summer. It was always a beautiful place to vacation. I remember visiting the Winnipeg Mint at one time and thought it was pretty neat. Anyways i'll stop rambling now and wish you both welcome once again.

  3. Enjoy the green of Winnipeg, Kathy. The colour (get used to that u in that word) will have changed JUST A BIT in a few months. :)

    Anyway, all mocking aside (BRIEFLY!), I'm glad that the move went pretty well overall.

  4. Thanks for the welcomes guys. It has been pretty cool so far and my family is really happy we are here.

    Its pretty easy to tell who the better writer is too eh? Kathy is the more flowy, actually make sense type writing and me, well all I can say is that is makes more sense in my head than typed out. lol