Saturday, August 14, 2010

Garage Sale day one

Lord am I tired. I’ve had two naps so far today and I could sleep through till tomorrow still. In the last few nights I’ve had very little sleep. The night before last we went to sleep about 5am and I was woken at 8am for a package at the door. It was the new MP3 player speaker and I wanted to  see if it worked, so I fooled round with it right away. If it needed to be returned I wanted to do so immediately. This woke me up so I could not get back to sleep.

Then yesterday I moved two heavy computer desks and an ugly 80’s style TV hutch to the garage in preparation of Saturday's garage sale. I was sore, even more than before, and just could not sleep at all, so before the garage sale I had about 3 hours sleep over the two nights. Not great.

The sale itself went pretty good. Some people just walked up and left, others stayed for awhile. But we sold one computer desk, the big 50” tv, ALL of my computer games (over 110 of them, which was a surprise), all of my cans of spray stains (used for my cabinet touch up work) and a few comics.

Some books sold, but not all. So the rest will probably get donated to the library or hospital. The guy that bought some comics said he’ll probably be back tomorrow, and if he does I’ll see if he wants to make an offer for the whole lot. That way I don’t have to deal with it any more. Same with the guy who is interested in some of the crown molding I have. If he wants the rest of my cabinet supplies he can take em. If that happens I will be very happy.

Both Kathy & I had some fun too. A few of the people that stayed awhile were interesting to talk to and we had some good laughs with them.  We were able to almost watch the entire Back to the Future trilogy before someone bought the tv too. ‘Junk faxes’. lol

I am walking like a 90 year old man though. I’m kinda beyond sore and into pain. So Kathy is going to massage the hurt away too. Coupled with some tylenol and I should be able to get a bit of sleep.

Here’s hoping tomorrow we sell everything else.


  1. Sounds like things went smoothly, which is good. Of course, had it gone horribly wrong, the resulting blog material would have been SO much better...:)

  2. Its always great when a friend hopes for a bad day so they can read a better blog post. lol

  3. That is great news that you got off to a good start. It is nice to get some money and then not have to deal with what to do with those items anymore. I hope today goes as well and your back feels better!