Sunday, August 8, 2010

A little about me.

Since this blogging challenge I have new people coming to my blogs, and I’m going to theirs and finding out some pretty cool stuff, but I figured I’d catch people up on some things about me. Mostly cause I can’t think of anything to write about today. Well other than my mother-in-law who is in one of her ‘moods’ again. Which is actually a good place to start, my mother-in-law.

She hates me. Quite literally she hates me, and since she lives with us, this makes for some fun times let me tell you. Here is one post I made about her, Mother-in-Law Part 1. Since that first one I’ve done 3 more, here, here and here. Today she hasn’t said a word to us, and when we were leaving in our car the neighbour points at the street as Ares had gotten out. The reason he got out was because the MIL didn’t close the back gate which allowed him to run out. That gate is always supposed to be closed for this very reason, she knows this. SO while Kathy took Ares back inside and to tell her mom to keep that gate shut, I went and closed the gate. When we got back to the car I asked Kathy what her mom said. ‘Nothing'. She just sat there.’ said my wife. I’m not sure what set her off today, maybe its because two old walkmans were left on the table, or because we left two boxes of old records in the Den. She hates a ‘mess’ she does. Or it could be because she is fucking insane. Take your pick, its probably both really.

I also wrote about me having Scoliosis, which I have had since birth. It has given me many challenges in my life, but its also made me who I am, and while I wish my back didn’t hurt so much, it is a part of what made me. I can’t complain about that. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger right?

When we move back to Winnipeg we will be staying with my mother for a short while. My mother is a completely different person. I wrote one post about her. Is it any wonder why I am wanting to get out of here and back home? While my mother is a great person, I really do not intend to stay with her any longer than needed. She has her husband and they have their life, and Kathy & I want to finally have a place of our own where we can run around naked. Somehow I think my mother might disapprove of it if we did that in her house…

Oh… I finally got those extra pictures of Ares.



As you can see Ares and Honey are really close. Both of them are going to be sad when we leave.


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  1. I enjoyed the post and the ones about your mom and your mother in law. It sounds like you will be so much better off once you move out of there. It can't be fun for you to live with someone you think doesn't like you and it must be hard for your wife to be in the middle.

    You must have a great relationship to withstand all of that and I wish you all the best with your trip back to Canada. Hopefully everything pans out for you and you only have to put up with your mo-in-law once in a blue moon.

  2. That is the hope.

    Oddly enough she was great today, said some very nice things and did something really nice too. It was just weird. Its going to be my next post. :)

    And yeah, my mother is great. She is sooo looking forward to having my wife around too.

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