Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I’m in pain.

Yes that’s right. I’m in pain. Not only because Cliff roped me into this post a day contest, which to be honest is gonna be hard for me, but should be interesting as well. But, I was talking about pain. I am FINALLY moving back to Canada! Yes that’s right, the 9 (<- and yes I’m counting that number as a word Cliff) long years of hell is finally coming to an end. I shall finally be free of the mother-in-law, which is awesome. But that still doesn’t cover the pain.

The wifey and I are packing up to move, and I have been going up and down a ladder carrying heavy shit down from above. Then unpacking, and repacking all the stuff we are going to take with us. So far we are getting rid of 5 boxes of books, 4 boxes of video games (the list is here if you are interested to take a look) and other odds and ends. Not everything is packed up yet either. That video game list only shows the big box DOS/95/98 games, not the smaller boxed newer games. A list of those is going to be made tonight, if I can move.

Yes now we get to the pain. All this bending over, picking stuff up, and moving it has really messed up my back. Its achey and sore. The wifey says today is a rest day, but the sooner I get this done the better off I’ll be. I have to build some shelves before I go, and I want our closets empty for when I do it. Plus I have a garage sale to plan for too.

This will now be the second time I am moving more than 2000 miles. I do not recommend it. Vancouver to Wpg was nothing compared to this.

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  1. There, see? Was THAT so damn hard, ya baby? :)

  2. Well, I don't know you, but it's always good to hear a fellow Canuck is coming home. Take care of your back : )

  3. So will it be hard to get back into Canada? Did you loose your Canadian citizen ship? Will that be a new "PAIN"? :)

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  5. @Cliff, Yes, yes it was.
    @Tammy, It will be good to come back home. Nine years in the US, I'm surprised I'm still sane.
    @Shaun, No problem for me to com back, I'm still a Cdn citizen. :)