Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thoughts of children and labour…

One of the other bloggers (Janine) in the blog a day challenge wrote yesterday about how Child Labour is Awesome, which was really about the bonding experience she is having with her child washing her car, and how she bonded with her father doing projects with him. I know that my parents had me and my two brothers doing a lot of chores around the house, and some times I figured that was the reason they had us, cheap labour.

So being the weirdo that I am I figured I would discuss the pros and cons of child labour. Is having a baby for the purpose of using the child to make home life easier, really that cost effective? I’m not going to go all scientific, or break down the numbers, I’m far too lazy to do the research for that. But what I am going to do is go through a list of pros and cons of hiring a maid for 18 years vs having a child and getting them to do chores.



When they are not doing chores you can play with them

It takes around 5 years before you can really start to get any work out of them (they are lazy bastards until then)
You can do chores with them to bond and have fun with them You have to teach them how to do it, plus keep an eye on them to make sure its done properly
You can yell at them and they can’t quit, they have to stay in the home There is a ‘breaking in’ period. Literally. They break things.
When they get older you can withhold allowance to make sure they do the chores You have to pay for room, board, clothes, school supplies, and then pay them to do the chores
Teaches them responsibility They throw temper tantrums usually about not doing chores
They’re yours for life You can’t fire them


When they are not working, you ‘may’ be able to ‘play’ with them Sexual harassment lawsuits
No need to train them You still need to check and make sure they are doing the job
No need to do the work with them, just sit back and relax If you yell at them they may quit and walk out
No need to feed, clothe, put a roof over their head, buy them school supplies or wipe their nose if they get a cold Sick days, vacations. Days you’ll have to do the work yourself
Maid ‘uniforms’ Sexual harassment lawsuits
After they are done work they go away You may have to go through a few before you find the right one
No complaining about work (to your face) If they get injured they may sue
You can fire them  

So there ya go. The Pros and Cons of child labour vs a maid. Make your decision wisely folks.


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  1. You forgot that if a maid messes her drawers, she has to clean it herself.

  2. This is true, and a very good thing too.

  3. I notice the duplication of sexual harassment lawsuit ... anything you want to share?

  4. lol No no no, that was more for humour sake. I probably could have filled that entire side up with sexual harassment stuff.

    I can't help it. I'm a guy, we think like that. :)

  5. Since I have a child of my own, I have to say the advantage goes to maid. Hands down. No poopy diapers for one thing... Although I am looking forward to a more grown up indentured servant.