Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A shout out to my fans.

I have recently come to realise I have been ignoring the people that come to my blog. So please accept my most heartfelt apologies. I shall try and do better in the future. Some of you guys have been here almost from the beginning of my foray into attempting to write this blog. You even stayed around and waited during the times when I simply didn’t post anything at all, and you’ve stuck around to this point.

I’m going to try and make this blog more fun for all to read and I hope you’ll stick around further. At least this next month there should be more posts, well at least until I am on the road and then we’ll see if I can find some wifi to post some pics and a trip diary. It should be interesting since we are taking a 100lb weimaraner with us, and driving 2000 miles. Yeah that’s gonna be fun.

But back to my fans. I may not always understand what you are saying, but you always come in with a comment. I just want to let you know I acknowledge your dedication in coming to my humble blog. Thank you!


Here’s to you Chinese spammers!

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  2. And now we'll try it again with some of that 'spelling' stuff :

    They really have been incredibly loyal. Or they've been mocking you in a language none of us understands.

  3. I like the footer of the other bloggers, going to take that idea from you and apply it. However I'm going to have mine updated with all 13 bloggers ;)

  4. Yeah I know, I have more to add. Some snuck in on me. lol

  5. You have a weimaraner?? We are looking at getting one when we move out to Kelowna in a few years. They are beautiful dogs. I've heard mixed reviews on their smarts, but heard if they go through training they will be fine. What's your take? How do you find yours? Do you have kids with it?

  6. Actually ours was a rescue. Our neighbour across the street had him and kept him outside and alone all the time. The poor dog was howling all day and night. They are NOT a dog you can just leave like that, weimaraners require people to be around or they go crazy. I had heard the neighbour was thinking of getting rid of him and we offered him some money and he took it. So we renamed him from 'Harley' (after the motorcycles) to 'Ares'. A much better name. They get VERY attached to their owners too, as Ares has become to us.

    They also have a very high separation anxiety, so if you leave for a few hours, something may be chewed up. They are also puppies their entire lives. They never really 'grow up'.

    With proper training the dogs are great. We have a few problems with ours with people coming over, but I think that has more to do with what happened to him before than anything else. He has had a bit of training, but because of my mother-in-law and her not using the proper commands all the time, he never really took the training like he should have. Then of course we got blamed for not getting the dog trained.

    Ares is a great dog though, very gentle with us and just overall a joy. Which is why we are taking him with us. :)

  7. Awesome! Are you moving back to the Edmonton area? I'd love to meet him.

  8. Newp. Moving back to Winterpeg. :)

    My born and bred Californian wife is gonna love it. heh heh heh

    Once we finally get settled and I get vacation time we might be heading out that way. My grandparents live in Calgary. We may stop by and see Cliff at that point. If he's lucky enough. lol